Last Update: 07 September, 2018.

1. General Terms and Conditions

a) This page gives you information about us and the legal terms and conditions on which we sell any of the products, experiences or adventures listed on our website for you.

b) These Terms will apply to any contract between us for the sale of Experiences and Adventures to you (Client). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure you understand them before ordering any Product, Experience or Adventure in a form of electronic transaction from our site. Please note that before placing any order, you will be asked to agree to these Terms. If you refuse to accept those Terms, you will not be able to order any Product, Experience or Adventure in a form of electronic transaction from our site.

2. About these Terms and Conditions

a) You should print a copy of these terms or save them to your electronic device for future reference.

b) Information about us: We operate the website www.adventurein.pt. We are AdventureIn, a company under the name of Nuno E D Duarte with the RNAAT No. 22/2017, NIF no. 228530547. Address Rua José Guilherme dos Santos N21, 2910-296 Setúbal-Portugal.

c) Contacting us: If you wish to contact us, you should use the platform on the site, or use the mail clients@adventurein.pt. We have also a WhatsApp contact: +351965108199 where you can leave a message.

3. Our site

a) The descriptions and imagens of the Products, Experiences and Adventures in our website and in electronic format (e-mail) are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to ensure the descriptions and images on the site accurately reflect the Products, Experiences and Adventures them self’s.

4. Using the site

a) We give opportunity to people aged more than 18, to book Experiences and Adventures around Portugal, from now on designated as Experiences.

b) Our site is divided in regions of Portugal, where the costumer can chose which region he can book an Experience.

c) We do not make Experiences. We have a platform which local tourism owners of the Experiences have a space and they deliver those Experiences, from now on designated as Partners.

d) All our Partners are licensed for working on their areas of tourism, and are plenty legally ready to operate under the law of Portugal, which include insurances and legal registry to operate in Portugal.

e) Any person aged more than 18 can book Experiences, fulfilling the requirements on the Client sheet, and making the payment that enclose the contract between us the client.

f) All the experiences on the site are made by our tourism Partners, and we are assumed as an intermediate between them.

g) All the responsibility for the services are for ours partners, we just deliver the Client to the Partner as an intermediate.

h) We work along with the partners to achieve higher quality on every aspect, doing quality reports, and surveys to understand how was the experience. Our clients may after the experience receive an email to inquire on the level of satisfaction.

i) All our partners who don’t or fail to comply with the level of quality requirements are subject to be removed from our website.

j) The website adventurein.pt strives to be a reference in Tourism with the best partners in Portugal, making sure that our partners and clients have a great experience, being it in the exposure and promotion of adventures and experiences, and in doing them.

5. Buying Experiences

a) When one or more Experiences are booked, the partner assume that the experience will be made on the booked time and date. If for any reason the Client cannot do the Experience at that time and date, he cannot reclaim the Money back or a re-agenda of the Experience, we are strictly to this point, make sure to buy if you really want to make the Experience.

b) client will have 24h from the moment he has book the experience, to cancel it if may, after he won’t be able to reclaim it, if misses to do it.

c) When you book any Experience, you will receive an email with all the data requested for booking, in order to get along with the Experience you have to show to the Partner the mail you have received, this mail is the proof that you have bought the Experience. In case of no battery on your device you are able as well to show your ID number that you have mentioned on the time of booking your Experience. The Partner will have a list of booked persons for that scheduled Experience, so make sure you insert the right data in the moment of registering your booking.

d) The Client can make the payment of the Experiences by Paypal, or using directly his Credit Card, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, or another acceptable Card by the application Paypal.

e) Experiences only become valid and booked after the good payment of the experience.

f) All costs with insurances are under the responsibility of our Partners, to issue policies or to have the right conditions to promote the services.

g) If there’s any unexpected situation that may happen given the weather, or something that doesn’t allow the experience or adventure to be fulfilled, that is not of the responsibility of the client, will lead to return the money in full to the client, if it’s because unavailability or to reschedule the activity if by weather reasons (named reasons of higher force) the client will have the choice to either ask for the money to be returned and which in this circumstances will lead to a return of 75% of the paid amount (25% is for all the planning work already performed). To this the client and the partner accepts to comply.  

6. Data Protection

a) All personal information provided (name, address, NIF, contacts, etc..) will be for the exclusive purpose of the experiences bought and will be under the umbrella of AdventureIn data management.

b) All our partners agree and comply with data protection, being not allowed to use any of the private information provided, with the exception of the normal use to plan, remember and discuss any point of the adventure purchased. Any other use of information may lead to court pursuit of unauthorized use of privileged information, according to the Portuguese Law of Data Protection, applying all possible consequences in the law.

c) All images and contained text in our experiences is provided by our partners, all images as thence accepted to be exposed in our Website considering that are our partners have already the right to expose them and confer to us the same right.

d) All the information provided by the clients or partners, is given of their own free will, with the exclusive use by AdventureIn to promote services, sell the experiences and adventures, use for digital marketing in our Public pages, and fiscal purposes (such as invoicing)

e) Any client who is not willing to have their pictures exposed in our Page of Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest may freely advise and within the time of 5 days from the days from the day of the request, the images will be taken out.

f) All the reviews and survey evaluations are under the responsibility of who makes it, being that if it’s of the individuals will to not have his/her identity revealed may refer it by crossing the option of reserving the right to not expose their identity on the comments provided.

7. Health and Safety

a) All clients comply to obey the rules given by our Partners in the execution of the activities and adventures provided.

b) All clients are responsible to ensure they have the right health, and have gone through he correct medical procedures to ensure the endurance during the activities and adventures, not complying with this will lead the clients to be fully responsible for any costs due to rescue, and medical bills.  

c) All Partners comply to the safety rules, presenting them in the beginning of any activity, promoting them, and providing them to each of our clients, before any activity, ensuring Safety and Health in all the activities and adventures provided.

d) All Partners are fully responsible for the touristic guides and activity coaches provided, assuring that they are within the health conditions necessary to begin and finish the activities and adventures promoted.

e) All Partners, comply to have someone in the team with Basic Life Support training to ensure the necessary support in case of emergency.

8. Golden Rules

a) All our clients and partners commit to:

– Have fun in the activities

– Leave problems behind

– Obey to the provided Rules and Regulations

– If pleased with the services provided by AdventureIn, provide their positive feedback and ratting in the Trip Advisor and others as they may feel.

– To work as a Team in all Activities

– To remain always positive and attentive to all needs during the activities.

– If pleased with the activities and adventures provided, to promote Adventure in to their friends and family.